Freshers' Team Applications

NTSU’s Freshers’ Team is responsible for welcoming new students into the NTU community and making sure they have the best start to University life.

From helping first-years move into their accommodation to finding their way around campus, and of course, attending our legendary Freshers' Week events, it’s their job to make sure new students have an unforgettable first week at NTU.

Why become a Freshers' Team member?

Joining the Freshers' Team is a chance for you to:

  • Be part of the biggest and best Freshers' week in the UK 
  • Meet new people 
  • Support thousands of new students 
  • Develop skills and experience for your CV
  • Plus lots of other perks, including a free team top and a Freshers’ Team Party.  

Find out more about the positions available below.  

Each role is a fantastic chance for you to do something to help support your fellow students, meet new people, make friends and create unbelievable memories. they are great opportunities to develop skills and gain experience that will look great on your CV and LinkedIn.
The application deadline is 11:59pm Sunday 25th July. Interviews will take place on Monday 2nd August and will be online only.

Please note: interviews are mandatory, and you must attend to be considered for a role on the Freshers' Team. 

We will not be re-opening applications again after the closing date. Please note are only be seeking applications from students looking to be team members, not captains or vice-captains.

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If you have any questions about any of the roles, please contact NTSU President Conor Naughton:


Here's what some of the 2020 Freshers' Team had to say

  • 'Loved it, met some amazing people, felt a very large community vibe, all there to support each other and have fun as well as do our job'

  • 'It was an unreal experience and made a lot of new friends not only amongst my own Freshers Rep group but also amongst the others. Definitely something I recommend for next year and will look at doing it all again!'

  • 'It was an absolutely class experience, 10/10 would recommend'

  • 'It was a really good experience where I made new friends as well as having the opportunity to put myself out there and try something new'


*We are currently planning a full Freshers events program with everything from daytime meet and greets, to big parties, and small and friendly events. Please be aware that, due to the potential for changes in government legislation and guidelines around COVID-19, Our Freshers event program and the nature of Freshers Team roles may change at short notice.