Student Charter

About the charter

This Charter has been jointly created by the University and the Students' Union. It sets out how the University is committed to delivering a high-quality student experience that meets - and hopefully exceeds - those expectations, while enabling you to realise your ambitions.  


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Students can expect NTU to:

  • Treat students and colleagues equally and respectfully, in the spirit of equality and diversity and creating an inclusive university community
  • Ensure a safe and secure environment in accordance with Health and Safety standards and safeguarding responsibilities
  • Ensure all aspects of sustainability are considered in its teaching, operations and research as befitting one of the country’s most sustainable universities
  • Safeguard all personal information provided, in compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act

Safety Listening and feedback Democracy and representation

The University aims to provide:

  • A safe and productive learning community in which both staff and students will have the opportunity to develop their career ambitions and fulfil their potential
  • An enhanced student experience through continual investment in our facilities and educational learning environment
  • Excellent standards of teaching and assessment, support, advice and guidance for students and regular continuing professional development for its staff
  • A dedicated employability and enterprise staff to help students find and arrange placements and work experience to enhance employability in the global graduate market place
  • A range of activities that will enhance employability and personal development – including work-based projects; volunteering; enterprise opportunities and international or language programmes
  • Access to sources of support to underpin your learning and wellbeing
  • High-quality IT facilities, libraries and learning resources
  • Effective communication to keep you informed about your course, services and university experience

In addition, you can expect:

  • Course information which details, for example, key contacts, assessment criteria, contact hours and mode of delivery
  • Clear deadlines for assignments and timeframes for feedback on submitted work
  •  To receive clear and constructive feedback to support your learning within three weeks, with the exception of final year dissertations and some project work
  • Regular timetabled opportunities to meet with your tutor
  •  An induction to help familiarise you with your learning environment, introduce you to other students, and provide an introduction to your studies, available resources and key people
  • To be provided, in advance of enrolment, with clear information on course tuition fees and any associated mandatory course costs, along with payment options and deadlines, and an indication of costs for optional items
  • A variety of routes for students to provide feedback regarding academic courses and services
  • Notice of changes to timetables in reasonable time through appropriate routes including: NOW, NTU email, MyNTU and text messaging
  • To receive information detailing assessment arrangements and regulations, academic guidance and support, and clear information on academic appeals and complaints procedures.

Sustainability Communication Equality and respect

In return you are expected to:

  • Treat staff and your fellow students with dignity and respect and in line with the Student Code of Behaviour
  • Take responsibility for managing your own learning, participate in induction and tutorials, actively engage in your course, give full attention to all timetabled and time-bound sessions and activities, including all tutorials, and actively respond to feedback received
  • Ensure that you submit assignments by agreed dates and that these are your own work
  • Inform the University of an absence due to health reasons or other exceptional circumstances in accordance with your School’s attendance policy
  • Provide feedback through student academic representatives and modular and course evaluations, which aim for improvements in the quality of learning and teaching
  • Provide feedback to the Students’ Union to help improve the overall student experience
  • Commit to the terms and conditions of being an NTU student and your obligations regarding fees and payments
  • Ensure a timely response to communications relating to course enrolment, progression and graduation
  • Keep all your contact details up to date and disclose, to an appropriate member of staff, any changes to your personal situation that may affect your learning experience
  • Respect the physical and online environment of the University, including learning, social and living accommodation and behave respectfully towards our neighbours as a responsible member of the local community
  • Familiarise yourself and comply with the University’s policies and regulations, including the IS Computer Use Regulations

Personal Development Learning Resources Opportunity

The Students’ Union undertakes to:

  • Provide you with accessible, democratic decision-making opportunities with proactive academic representation, allowing the Union to be a confident voice on your behalf
  • Create a range of personal development opportunities for you to enhance your employability
  • Build a safe, inclusive student community and promote your academic and personal welfare through the Union’s Information and Advice Service
  • Deliver high-quality services in the areas student members feel important and encourage responsible behaviour
  • Be a well governed organisation keeping representation at the heart of all its activities while establishing constructive relationships with key stakeholders.