Website Issues

Are you having a problem using the website? This page lists common issues and how you can solve them.


Known issues:

Please follow the below video for assistance on signing in and resolving the issue 'you can't register on this site'


If you are a social secretary, please ensure that you have followed the instructions to sign up to the ocean ticket books group here.

If you are not a social secretary, please email the URL you are trying to book with to stating your course and year of study.


The website only shows the first ten events of a given name when building a usergroup. If you have exceeded this, you must go back and give the event a unique name.

  • Ensure the CSVs first row includes all column names even if you are not adding data to the column.
  • The first entry MUST be fully valid or the system assumes all following data is void and won't attempt to import.
  • univ_id (N numbers) MUST be uppercase
  • membership_email MUST be lowercase
  • membership_expiry_date MUST be in the form dd/mm/yyyy 
  • It normally take 2-4 hours of background processing, but can take as long as 48 hours for changes to be reflected. 

Please ensure you only have numbers and letters or dashes in the filename. Brackets (), ! are not supported for now.


You have opted out of membership of the Students' Union. Please email and ask to opt in to the students' union. You will then be able to sign in within 24 hours.



  • The page is designed to refresh when resizing.
  • You are using a content blocker which is stopping required trackers. Please fully disable your extension if this issue presents itself - certain extensions i.e. Ghostery only successfully load the page when fully disabled. This has been reported to the developers. Guidance on how todo so is beyond the scope of this site, if you installed the software yourself you should be able to configure it or seek help from the person that did.


Unfortunately, We do not support Amex cards at this time.

If you are having any problems or do not have an alternate card we can help you pay with cash. Please contact the Box Office for event queries or Opportunities for Societies.

These issues are of critical importance.

The following pages are currently inaccessible

My problem isn't listed

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