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VP Sport

Hi, I'm Zoe...

I am the voice of student sport at NTU, providing inclusive and engaging sporting opportunities to students across all 3 campuses.

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What I'm working on

  • Provided students with an opportunity to be more involved with NTSU and allowed them to have a greater impact on the student experience, by reintroducing Sports Exec with 4 voluntary positions: Marketing, Wellbeing, Postgraduate and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. 
  • Rebranded and updated 'Club of the Week' to the 'More than Sport Award' working with NTU Sport, as it is important to ensure that students and clubs were being rewarded for the work they were putting in outside of sport e.g. charity work, fundraising, volunteering.
  • Offer more opportunities to increase post-graduate participation by working with VP Post-grad to find out what post-graduates want and how we can offer this
  • Look at improving social member inclusivity within sports clubs by offering smaller social member fees, creating more unity within clubs
  • Increase access to underrepresented sports by working with marketing to help promote clubs, particularly Non-Varsity Sports
  • Set up new development sessions to help increase participation throughout all sports by increasing awareness and offering more sessions as part of the play for fun scheme